Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's been a while...

I believe I've lost a total of 12 lbs now. I also received my first bonus check and it more than covered this month's products, so I achieved that goal! Yay!

I have to admit that I get frustrated when things don't move as swiftly as I want them too. The last few months have been full of insane amounts of stress in my personal life and I am grateful that I have the 'cushion' of the supplements to help me with the stress. I know it could have been a lot worse for me, health-wise, so I'm trying to count my blessings.

I think there's something odd about doing Shaklee. People have such odd ideas of what it is and what you are trying to do. Family members, in particular, seem to just throw their hands up, roll their eyes, and start screening their phone-calls... so to speak. It's not like I talk on the phone :).

I think the biggie is that I want to help people, but I can't force them to take the steps that I know will help them. I can't convince them to do what's necessary for their health or lives. I can only be here for them and let them know I will do all I can to help.

After all, that's who I am, right?

One biggie product-wise is that I recently had to go on antibiotics and my baby ended up with bad yeast-related diaper rash. He's prone to it anyway. Getting myself back on Optiflora really helped and it has cleared up remarkably fast. Happy about that! My baby doesn't need a red bottom!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Common Mis-perceptions and Myths about Shaklee

So, I have been around Shaklee my whole life and there are some pretty big misconceptions out there about how the company works.

1) "You make money off of me."

Actually, the company does give me a commission... points called PV... whenever someone I introduced to Shaklee orders. Interestingly enough, the person who is signed up for Shaklee also receives these points from themselves.

I don't make any money off of someone becoming a member. My commission is for a) Introducing people to the products and b) people I introduced ordering.

I am paid directly by the company, and orders are made directly from the company. I never see (or want) money from my Shaklee Family.

2) Shaklee is a pyramid scheme.

Shaklee uses a marketing plan called Social Networking. They were the first company to use this plan and have been watched carefully. They, unlike some other companies, have never behaved unethically.

The company works just as any other company with employees. The difference is that every little 'franchise' is an individual. They don't have shops, they don't go into malls, they only market their products through word of mouth.

Pyramid schemes are when people make money off of the people 'beneath' them at the expense of that person. Usually companies that have used pyramids charge very high prices for membership, as that is what people make money off of.

I don't make money off of memberships. I get commissions for product use. The memberships at Shaklee are very reasonable and include an immediate 15% off.

3) The products are expensive.

This one is easy to address. Do you remember how, in the news recently, there has been a lot of frustration about supplement companies lying about what was in their products? They could put that they had Omega-3 in them on the label, even if it was a minuscule amount of something that might have Omega-3 in it.

When it comes to health and supplements, what are you paying for?

With Shaklee you know immediately that every product has been researched, are balanced, and complete.

For example: The wrong blend of B vitamins can actually strip you of the Bs you need. So many companies will sell one B vitamin, saying it will improve your metabolism and energy. However, they fail to mention, that you need the right array of Bs to have that effect. Then people wonder why they still feel sluggish when taking those grocery store vitamins.

Shaklee does their own research and testing. They are very strict about every single product being in harmony with nature. I remember one year where the alfalfa fields next to theirs were crop dusted. Shaklee wouldn't use their fields, in case there was any minuscule chance that their crops were contaminated.

Quality and Trust are what you pay for with Shaklee. I know, without a doubt, that every order I make is with the best quality and effective products out there. That means a lot to me.

Don't forget that every product is guaranteed every single time. If it doesn't work for you (but it will) you can send it back. Not just the first time you use it. Any time.

This is a Family company that stands by everything they've worked so hard for.

If you have any other myths/questions you want addressed, just send them to me and I'll respond ASAP.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Fun and Prizes: Survey Time!

OK, So I'm a little bored, and I thought of something fun.

Fill out this survey (all the way and honestly). I will be picking a random survey to win (drumroll please) a free can of Cocoa MealShakes! Please don't tell, or my four year old will get mad at me :)

1) What is something about yourself that you love?

2) What is something about yourself that you would like to improve?

3) If you were to be granted three wishes and they all had to be for you, what would they be?

4) What three products in the Shaklee catalog look the most interesting to you and why?

5) Do You have a Dream? What is it?

6) What question(s) do you have about Shaklee that you're afraid to ask, because you think it might turn into a sales pitch? (Hello, this is me, you don't have to worry about that! Ask away!)

7) Would you ever refer someone who wanted to feel better or work from home to me? Why?

8) Did someone refer you to this survey? Write their name here: (They get another name in the hat for the drawing for the Mealshakes.)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

This Week, Stats

5'1 (hmm, I don't think this will change LOL)
130 lbs
Been sick this week. My hormones are being weird. I have not been having my period since I had my baby, so I think either that is coming back or I might be pregnant. Considering my IUD it's probably the first.
Factor in that I ran out of everything and no changes weight-wise this week. At least I kept it off!

Walked/ran: 1 mile

Ran out of everything
Walked once

Been Sick, Boo.

I miss my Cinch and Vitalizer. Need to do enough work to be able to get them.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cinch Challenge!

Ok, here I am issuing a challenge.

1) Order a Cinch package *
2) Walk 3 times a week for 20 minutes, minimum (or comparable exercise)
3) Report to the Blog weekly on your progress, or post on yours and I'll link.

If you DO NOT feel BETTER and HEALTHIER I can send it all back and get your money back.

The challenge begins the day your products arrive. Notify me upon arrival and I'll help you keep track. You can either tell me how you feel every day, or once a week.

After a MONTH you will report to me how you feel.

There's no risk. If you don't like it, for any reason, just send it back. So, what do you have to lose... other than inches?

I Challenge You to Cinch it UP!


I really needed something last night, something salty and chocolatey and something... you know that feeling you get when you need something, but you can't put your finger on it?

So I threw together from cookies from scratch. I never EVER measure, but they turned out really wonderful, so I'm guesstimating quantities.

3 sticks of butter. (yeah, THREE, but this makes a lot of cookies :))
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 1/2 cups white sugar

Creamed together

2 home raised eggs

2 Tablespoons Chili Powder
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
1 packet semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
1 cup oatmeal
1 pinch and a little salt :)
Baking Powder
3 1/2 cups flour
1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips

Baked at 350 for about 10 minutes.